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Jackson Hole Paragliding Team Photo

Fly with the JHPG Team!

Tandem Flights at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
and at Snow King Resort.

307 739 2626 JHMR reservations,
224 558 3083 info. and reservations.

Color in the Sky!

Tandem Paragliding flights are the highlight of many people's vacations to Jackson Hole.
All JHPG Tandem Instructors are experienced mountain pilots with excellent safety records.
A few running steps and you are airborne, seated in a comfortable chair harness, free to enjoy the awesome scenery and refreshing mountain air.
307 739 2626 for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, www.jacksonhole.com
224 558 3083 Chad

JHPG offers top quality Instruction!
We have an outstanding Team of Instructors that will teach you everything you need to know to be able to fly safely and with confidence.
With the large amounts of vertical available at our sites, students have the ability to progress their skills and meet rating requirements with every flight.
Paragliding Equipment is supplied for you by JHPG during the training program.

Come to Jackson Hole for great Alpine style flying!
With numerous sites and large amounts of vertical, Jackson is the place to come for your flying holiday. Start early with us at the Aerial Tram, fly as many laps as possible, catch some midday thermals, fly XC, and then enjoy incredible glass-off conditions at one of our evening sites.
We can help arrange lodging and shuttles, just let us know how we can help you.
Meet at Bridger Center at 945.

Class of 2016 sign up now, lessons start May 1.

JHPG sales the best gear available-, OZONE, Advance, Gin Gliders, SOL, Niviuk, Gradient, FlyTec and more. Large inventory of used wings. Buy a gift certificate for that special someone.


Mini Wings
Mini Wing flying is officially adopted by USHPA!
Get your Mini Wing Special Skills sign-off from a JHPG Mini Wing Instructor.
Ozone Fazor, FireFly 2 and Zero for sale!